Our recommendations

To ensure that lessons run smoothly, we ask that you comply with the following rules:  
  • Have on hand your card/lesson ticket at the beginning of both private and group lessons. 
  • Show your instructor before each lesson the ticket corresponding to the date and time of that specific lesson. 
  • Be on time for lessons, whether in groups or private: if you arrive late, lost time will not be made up. 
  • Have on hand a valid ski pass to attend lessons. 
  • Be properly dressed and prepared for cold weather.

We also ask that you read over, respect and follow the following information: 
  • If you are using a card/pass/ticket that is not yours, it will be immediately confiscated.
  • No copies will be made for cards that are lost.
  • Should any problem arise, ESF disclaims all responsibility related to any material or personal accidents. 
  • Bad weather or malfunctioning lifts cannot be blamed on your instructors.
  • In the event lessons are cancelled for reasons beyond our control, no refunds will be offered. 

Guests are not insured by ESF. To avoid any risks or troubles related to an accident, we encourage you to purchase insurance.